The mission of Montesano Youth Soccer Club (MYSC) is to promote the enjoyment of soccer among young people in the Montesano area through participation and through the development of soccer skills and sporting attitudes. MYSC accomplishes this mission by:
  • Organizing recreational leagues for male and female players starting at the age of 4.
  • Recruiting volunteers to assist in the activities of the Association.  
  • Interacting with local organizations, associations, etc. to promote soccer as a sport, and to encourage the development of soccer skills. 

Montesano Soccer club is organized into two main soccer programs: Modified and Recreational. The sections below define each of the programs to help you better understand the goals.

Modified is the Washington State Youth Soccer Association's Small-Sided Program. It is a modification of the adult game for age-appropriate play. These rules establish team, field, goal and ball sizes for U-7 play, and increases these each year for U-7 through U-11 players.

The Recreational program continues our Modified philosophy of teaching the players the skills and tactics of the game of soccer. The term "Recreational" refers to the recreational versus competetive emphasis of the program. Everyone has the right to play on a Rec. team. The Montesano Youth Soccer Club desires all players to have a fun soccer experience.

In  soccer lingo: "U" means under. In other words, U-10 means "under 10 years old" as of a certin date. Keep in mind that a child may be in school grade level higher than their soccer classifacation level.

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